The San Antonio Prop Busters is a radio control model airplane club located in San Antonio, TX.  We have over 70 members, including many family and youth memberships.  The Prop Busters engage in many facets of the Radio Controlled model airplane sport/hobby, encompassing sport and aerobatic flying, fuel, gas, and electric power, fixed wind and helicopter aircraft & drones, no turbines.  Licensed AMA members who are visiting in the area are invited to come fly with us.  Spectators are welcome at any time. This site is open to all, just click on items in Main Menu. You also can visited us on Facebook if you would like to. Copy&paste https://www.facebook.com/groups/1581611562105154/

Contact Richard Storm,   (210)680-5653

He needs to hone his Instructor skills and he can't do that without a student or two.




    The San Antonio Prop busters will have two (2) sanctioned event this year so save the date  OCT. 22 these are the date more information will be coming. Our normal events January 1st, July 4, Labor Day.



Club Events

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